Within the context of the 2016/Arita project – a collaboration between Japanese potters from Saga prefecture and international designers to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the introduction of porcelain to Japan, BIG-GAME was assigned to work in partnership with Kubota Minoru Ceramics on high-technology porcelains. Two specific materials were chosen: One which is highly heat-resistant and that can be used directly on a stove – and another one that is porous and can be used to filter liquids.

We designed a practical coffee set to make drip coffee – a kind that is very popular in Japan. Instead of using classic disposable paper strainers, the coffee is filtered using porous porcelain – which gives an especially smooth and round taste to the drink and makes the filter reusable.

The set includes a coffee pot, a porcelain coffee filter, cups and saucers that are all designed to stack together efficiently and feel comfortable to use everyday.

The elementary geometric shaped objects were produced using state-of-the-art production technology and a special glazing was developed using the skills of the local craftsmen.

In complement, a porcelain kettle and cooking pots have been developed. Taking advantage of the properties of the material, they can be used directly on a stove, in the oven or the microwave. The handles are insulating so it’s possible to hold them comfortably even when they contain boiling water.