PURE collection for NESPRESSO

A comprehensive series of porcelain cups specifically designed for Swiss coffee expert Nespresso. Inspired by elementary geometry, the circle symbolizes the iconic Nespresso capsule while the square symbolizes the brand’s logotype.

The series includes an espresso, lungo and cappuccino cup, as well as a mug. A small detail on the saucer helps the cup and saucer to slot together. The same saucer works for different sizes of cups – the outer rim is unglazed to add nice haptic feature. The inner space of each cup was designed in partnership with the company’s sensory expert to maximize the coffee drinking experience.

The series was released worldwide in October 2015.

Along with these, two capsule dispensers are also available. Both playful and practical, PURE is designed for loose capsules while TOUCH is designed to hold six sleeves.