TOOLS door handles by BIG-GAME for Vervloet

The inspiration for the TOOLS collection comes from wrenches that have a clean geometric shape but also feel good in the hand. 

Putting to use Vervloet’s expertise and hand working craftsmanship, BIG-GAME designed a complete range of knobs and handles all made from a bar of metal with twelve perfectly polished facettes. 

The language of the handles matches both classical and contemporary interiors, with straight surfaces reflecting the light while the gentle structure feels confortable in the hand - like a beautiful set of quality tools.

The complete range includes a door lever handle, a coat peg, a pull handle, along with thumb turn and escutcheons. 

Vervloet is an outstanding reference with more than a century of experience in the field of decorative hardware. Every piece of the collection is moulded and cast in the purest bronzes and brasses, then chased and finished by highly qualified craftsmen. All the different stages of manufacturing (casting, chiseling, adjusting, polishing, gilding) have been integrated in Vervloet’s belgian workshop and are carried out by craftsmen who take decorative hardware from regular door finishes to the rank of object of art. 

The range was launched at Decorex London 2014.