HAMMER lamp by BIG-GAME for Wiener Silber Manufactur

The collaboration with Wiener Silber Manufactur was an opportunity for BIG-GAME to explore the hand crafting of precious materials.

Upon visiting the workshop, we realized that each piece produced there is a small treasure, and we wanted to create a functional object that would celebrate the beauty of the craft but at the same time have a contemporary expression.

The HAMMER lamp combines up-to-date lighting technology and traditional craftsmanship. The foot of the lamp is made from aluminum and incorporates a compact led light source. It holds a solid silver or gold-plated silver reflector that can be tilted in order to adjust the angle of the light.

The reflector is made from a hand-hammered sheet of solid silver (a technique called martelé) and it gives the light a very warm feeling - the lamp put emphasis on the beauty of the material, the way it plays with the light and the quality of the craftsmanship.

The Wiener Silber Manufactur has a repertoire of table silver encompassing almost two centuries, offering handcrafted precision and, what is more, an alloy with increased silver content for a more sustained brilliance.

The lamp was shown for the first time at Vienna Design Week 2014 in the context of Passionswege.